Sunday, October 14, 2007

A note on things to come

For 40 years I have enjoyed the art of sewing in one form or another. Most recently albeit 4 years ago I closed my home based clothing alteration and custom sewing business. At the time of the closing I was so over sewing that one more hem seemed a daunting task. I chose a new line of work and packed up my sewing supplies, all that I didn't sell off, and on I went to my new sewless life.

Well, I'm back.

Now I understand why I couldn't sell all the shears, sewing books, notions, trims, not to mention fabrics that I had accumulated through the years. I parted with just enough to lighten my load but the good stuff, no way. I suppose it is a addiction of sorts, one I am glad to have.

I am excited about this journey of rediscovery and with the internet to guide me, I can't wait to expand on that old collection....